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Sessions are by appointment only.  My office is located in downtown SW Portland on Broadway between Alder and Morrison streets.  There are many transit options to get here.  The closest mass transit options are the Max and almost every bus and street car at Pioneer Square.  There are numerous nearby parking garages and on-street meter parking available as well.  Please contact me at 503-828-1065 or via email (lauren.whitelaw@widemindfull.com) to arrange an initial appointment.  I know that first reaching out when in distress can be a difficult move, but the rewards can be equally as great.  I look forward to working with you.

Fees and Insurance

For private pay clients, my typical first session consultation fee is 240$ and ongoing sessions tend to be around 180$ for individual and 200$ for relationship work with two or more people.  For those who need some assistance in connecting with services, I am committed to a social justice model and offer some sliding scale fee appointments for those who want to discuss them.  I am currently accepting PacificSource clients and am in-network with PacificSource plans.  If you have a different insurance plan that I am not in-network with, insurance companies will often reimburse 70-90% of a visit fee to an out-of-network mental health provider.  I can help you seek out-of-network benefits with your insurance company if you’d like help navigating your benefit plan, and I can furnish you with insurance-friendly invoices to seek that reimbursement.

Some of the following might be relevant questions and language to discuss with your insurance plan member support: Does your plan cover mental health providers for outpatient mental health office visits? Does it cover these kinds of visits using out-of-network benefits? Do you have a yearly maximum number cap on visits? Do you have a deductible, and do you have a separate mental health deductible? If so, how much of that deductible has been met this year, and when does it reset (at mid-year or the calendar year)? Do you need pre-authorization for outpatient mental health office visits? If you’re using out-of-network benefits, does that require pre-authorization and is there a separate deductible for out-of-network, mental health office visits? Once you have determined if your benefits can apply to our visits (and perhaps after a deductible has been satisfied if it applies to these kinds of visits), what percentage of the visits will your plan cover and how much will be your responsibility?

Office Information

610 SW Broadway, Ste. 306, Portland, OR 97205

Phone: 503-828-1065

Email: lauren.whitelaw@widemindfull.com

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