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I’m Lauren Whitelaw, PsyD and I’m a Clinical Psychologist in private practice in Portland, Oregon.  I specialize in the behavioural science behind psychological wellness, sexual health, and compassionate meditation.

Integrated, compassionate psychotherapy for individuals and relationships.


With my training from around the world, I create unique clinical formulations to aid clients with their individual growth, relationships and sex lives.  I see collaborative partnership, increasing emotion regulation, and determining where clients want to go as good ingredients for effective treatment.  The most important part of my approach is creating an effective working partnership with you, so that you can get the most out of therapy.

Befriending yourself and your own experience.


Ongoing distress in our lives can bring us to therapy, and with good work can lead us to psychological integration and flexibility.  Therapy can be extremely creative and rewarding.  Many people find this path to be an exciting and generative one. It can even be fun at times.

I use cognitive-behavioural and compassion-focused therapies to help clients with stress, emotion regulation, and their intimate relationships with themselves and others.  These evidence-based approaches help increase understanding of the neurophysiological framework of our evolutionary context.  Fostering an environment that allows clients to connect more directly with the aliveness of embodied experience lines up well with a core goal of my therapeutic approach.  I have a deep motivation and belief in the healing effects of fuller connections with our true selves and the ease that that can bring to daily life.

My goal is to use evidence-based psychotherapy to help you learn a more joyful life rhythm and enriching your skills at living, working and loving.

One useful place to start if you’re not sure about therapy is the Services and Approach page.  You can find more about my training and experience on the Training and Education page.

I look forward to meeting with you to explore your valued aims, should you decide you’re ready to reach out.

Email: lauren.whitelaw@widemindfull.com

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Lauren Whitelaw, PsyD

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